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This Key Stage 2 resource explores the role of the Ulster-Scots community in the linen industry from cottages to factories and finally to its demise in the twentieth century. The resource links to the Northern Ireland Curriculum and provides both a wide range of cross-curricular lessons and the resources required to teach each lesson. Primary Irish Aspects of Shared Cultural Heritage Teaching ideas, downloadable resources and interactive games to support teachers in delivering basic Irish lessons and activities in Shared Cultural Hertiage.

Ulster-Scots for Primary Schools: Shared Language, Culture and Heritage These resources help to build capacity within primary schools so that they can teach elements of Ulster-Scots and shared cultural heritage using existing staff and resources.

This resource provides information and ideas to bring Earth Science to the classroom in practical and relevant ways for pupils in Key Stage 2. The learning activities within the materials support the development of the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities as well as opportunities to develop the cross-curricular skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT. Primary UPD8 makes science relevant using the power of topicality. Every day interesting science pops out of the news.

The following activities create the bridge to the curriculum, with punchy activities with maximum engagement. This resource sent to schools in was developed for all Primary Schools across Northern Ireland and aims to plant the seeds of an enterprising culture.

The War Around Us

Using a relevant and stimulating context the Storysack provides guidance for teachers to consider ways of adopting the enterprise approach. Children are fascinated by the mystery of Outer Space. In Out of This World children design and create a 3D model of an environmentally friendly hotel in a bid to encourage space tourism. Please review all links to judge their suitability before using them with your class. Global Learning Programme - This website provides schools with resources, case studies and information on local training that will support them to educate for a fair and sustainable world through all areas of the curriculum.

Aim, Aspire and Achieve - A thematic unit which helps schools celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games but can be adapted to celebrate other international sporting events. Eat, Taste and Grow - A resource on food and local produce, developed in a collaboration between safefood and The Public Health Agency.

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The Eco-Schools website offers ideas and resources for learning activities on 10 environmental topics, linked to many curriculum subjects. Using the Locality is a list of agencies and websites that may help the study of the local environment.

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Search form Search. Curriculum Objectives The learning opportunities within The World Around Us help young people to develop as: individuals, contributors to society, and contributors to the economy and environment. Browse Available Events.

Growing for the Future This resource is a collaboration between CCEA and Tourism NI, designed to encourage children to grow fruit and vegetables and explore where food comes from. Ecoworld The Ecoworld resource helps pupils to understand how making small changes today can protect the future of our planet.

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