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With this in mind it is important to ensure that you take the right training to ensure that you are at the correct standard before taking the test.

Part 1 of 2: Getting ready to drive in reverse gear

As well as giving me the knowledge to pass the test, Marcus also gave me confidence and belief in myself. If you need any help with any of the driving instructor qualifying tests contact me using the form below. Use the enquiry form below to find out more about training for a career as a driving instructor.

Reverse parallel parking

Facebook Twitter RSS. ADI part 2 training. Online Enquiry. About ADI part 2 test of driving ability To be able to teach people to drive and pass the driving test it is essential that you have the ability to drive correctly yourself.

ADI Part 2 test – Driving ability test

Eyesight for ADI Part 2 test. ADI part 2 Vehicle Safety. Your driving ability Obviously this is the main part of the test and during this test you will be expected to show the examiner all of the following: Expert handling of vehicle controls Correct road procedures and lane disciplines. Forward planning and anticipation of other road users actions. Driving with consideration for all other road users. How to judge speed and timing approaches.

ADI Part 2 test – Driving ability test

You will also need to drive in an eco friendly manner throughout. Your route will include as many driving and traffic conditions as the area can allow for. You may be asked to carry out an emergency stop. Reversing Manoeuvres These are the same manoeuvres that you will be expected to teach your learners.

How to drive a car in reverse?

Have in mind that your body will be rotated to the right, seeing it as your head will be turned backwards, so adjust your seat in accordance with the position, that is, move it a LITTLE closer to the steering wheel. When done with driving in reverse, return the seat to the position for driving forward. Given the fact that your head is turned backwards and your body rotated to the right, this can initially represent a challenge for the less experienced drivers, but as we said at the beginning - practice makes perfect.

Farrah Driver Training - Maneouvres part 2: Corner left reverse

The side view mirrors can especially come in handy when cornering in reverse, seeing it as they give you a full view of the corners, as well as the objects, vehicles and pedestrians at them. In order for you to drive backwards, first you have to shift into reverse. Modern cars, which have 6 gears, usually have a spring or button, located right below the head of the gear shift, which you have to move upward or press if you want to shift into reverse.

Whatever the situation, look for reverse gear on the top of the gear shift, press the clutch and shift into reverse. If you drive an automatic car, look for the reverse gear end, press the brake pedal and shift into reverse. About 3 mins to read. A reverse parallel park is where you reverse to pull in behind a parked vehicle and park parallel to the kerb. You'll need to show the Testing Officer that you can do each of these things when you do a reverse parallel park.

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Skip to site accessibility Get your learners Get your restricted Prepare for the full Teach someone to drive Your dashboard Top of page Skip to site navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. Reverse parallel parking About 3 mins to read.

reverse chronological order (part 2) | jaime brooks

Where should you practise this? Pick a flat street where you can see at least 50m in each direction. Look for a vehicle parked on its own to begin with, with at least 10m of straight kerb with no driveways behind it. When you feel confident, try it between two parked cars.

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