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Emerald Gemstones – Colors, Clarity, and Origins

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Sapphires and rubies rank 9. It is important to know how emeralds are assessed, what makes one more valuable than the other, and where they come from.

Here is a bit about the fascinating gems. Though many gemstones, including diamonds, are assessed in similar ways, each gemstone is evaluated differently.

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The 4Cs apply here as well, except in this case they stand for color, clarity, cut, and crystal. As with many gemstones including rubies , color is the most important factor.

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  • Emerald Quality Factors.

With emeralds, crystal is almost as important. In order for an emerald to be truly valuable it not only must display a pure and intense green color, but it also has to appear transparent for that perfect crystal gemstone look. Though emeralds are classically green, they actually range from yellow-green to blue-green.

Emerald color is defined based on three aspects: its hue color , saturation intensity , and tone purity. The more vivid the green, the darker and purer it shows, the more valuable the emerald. Very light emeralds are actually classified as green beryl, whereas medium to dark emeralds receive the prestigious title of emerald. It is normal and natural for emeralds to have inclusions as well as surface breaking fissures. There is a bright side to this, which is the fact that emeralds, unlike diamonds , are graded by the eye and not with the assistance of a magnifying device.

All it takes for an emerald to be considered flawless is for it to appear clean, without any visible inclusions, to the eye. Zambia comes in second, with a very high annual production of emeralds as well.